our mission

The key to getting to know any church is finding out their Mission.  The following are five areas that comprise the Mission Statement of Azalea Garden Church.

We Exist To Glorify God

We Exist To Proclaim The Gospel

We Exist To Win The Lost

We Exist To Equip Believers

We Exist To Demonstrate Christ's Love To The World

We have also identified several Spiritual Appetites that comprise the Core Values of our church.  These are listed as follows:

  • Prayer
  • Bible Reading
  • Soul Winning
  • Marriage and Family
  • Work/Service
  • Financial Stewardship
  • Worship
  • Sunday School attendance

Two strategies were identified that could serve to stimulate these appetites - celebration and modeling.

Through celebration we enforce the desired appetite as seen through the personal experiences within our own congregation. Celebration draws positive attention to the appetite and accordingly encourages a personal response from the hearer. These testimonials can be highlighted through the use of video presentations, personal interviews with pastor during service, festivals/preaching series/campaigns, etc.

Through modeling we display the desired appetite for others to emulate. These appetites should be evident in the lives of staff and other leaders within our church so that they can be conveyed to those within our congregation. These appetites should also be at the center of the ministries and events we plan both at AGC as well as in the community around us.