The Senior Adult Ministry at Azalea Garden Church is more than "bingo, brownies, and bus trips". Our seniors are actively involved in the lives of others in the church and in the community. Taking the church mission statement seriously, they exist to glorify God, proclaim the Gospel, win people to Jesus Christ, equip those who believe, and demonstrate Christ's love to the world. Many of the most active people in our church are senior adults.  

Many of our seniors serve as church councilmen and elders. They actively participate in our pastoral care ministry: visiting the sick in area hospitals and our elderly in assisted living communities. Our seniors also teach Sunday school, sing in the choir, and lead ministry in nursing homes and area jails. Others work in our benevolence ministry where food received from the area food bank is sorted and distributed to those needing assistance. Still others are actively involved in our missions program, traveling to foreign countries on short term missions trips to assist churches and missionaries on the foreign mission field.

On Wednesday morning 20-30 of our seniors, those who are Young At Heart, meet to fellowship, worship, and study the Word of God together. Throughout the year, especially at the holidays, the Young At Heart folk host delicious Valentines, Thanksgiving, and Christmas banquets! Even more importantly, our Young at Heart members are known far and wide as the prayer warriors of our church. They know how to pray and get hold of God! And He answers!