Sunday School - 9:30 am - 10:30 am - Sunday Mornings

Teaching the Word to the Entire Family

We believe that from birth to death, no one is too young or old to attend Sunday School and learn the Word of God. That's why at AGC, Sunday School is still a priority of our church and helps us achieve our vision of building each member of the body of Christ in the Word of God.

In a day when many churches are moving away from Sunday School, we believe this hour is one of the most important opportunities the church has each week to teach and equip the believer, from the youngest to the oldest.

Our teachers are well qualified, anointed, and have a passion to teach God's word to their students. Please look through the list below and find a place for you and your family to get plugged in.

  • Nursery

    infants - 2 years 

    Our nursery provides a safe and secure environment for infants through 2 years old. Each child's needs are met by a dedicated and loving nursery teacher. The nursery is located in room 111.

  • Toddler

    2-3 year olds

    The toddler class introduces simple concepts about God such as His care and love in a way they are able to understand. While their attention span is very short, coloring books and Bible treasure packs reinforce their Bible story. The toddler class is located in room 108.

  • PRE-K

    4-5 year olds / pre-k

    The Pre-K class helps students who are just learning how to read and write to use their skills as they are involved in an age appropriate study of God's Word. A variety of audio visual activities are used to support what they have learned, as well as to learn to work together to accomplish small tasks. The Pre-K class is located in room 106.

  • Early Elementary

    k - 1st grade

    The early elementary class exposes students to simple but important concepts such as how God takes care of His people through studying Biblical characters like Moses and Joseph. The early elementary class meets in room 211.

  • Elementary

    2nd - 3rd grade

    The elementary class uses age appropriate Bibles as a tool in their Biblical lessons. Each child is given lesson pages and an adventure and work packet to enable them to retain the learned material. The elementary class meets in room 214.

  • Upper Elementary

    4th - 5th grade

    Students in the upper elementary class become more adept in using the Bible as a resource for their Biblical lesson. Individual prayer is very important as students list prayer requests and pray for those requests orally. Students are given an opportunity to lead in prayer. The depth of the Bible lessons increase at this level as well. The upper elementary class meets in room 223.

  • Middle School

    6th - 8th grade

    Students in grades six through eight participate in a dynamic Bible study program that allows for interaction and lively discussion based wholly on Scriptures. This program is designed for students to focus, discover, and respond to God's Word in matters that are relevant to their lives and today's world. The middle school class meets in room 210.

  • High School

    9th - 12th grade

    This class is designed to help each student apply Biblical truth to the complex world in which they live. The high school class meets in room 204.

  • Faith - Young Adults

    High School graduates - 30 

    This class seeks to be relevant by taking stories from today's headlines and applying them to the lives of young adults. A variety of topics are discussed, from the dangerous to the controversial, in an attempt to create a solid, Biblical worldview in the minds of young men and women. College and career age students will find this class to be very applicable to issues they are dealing with on a daily basis at school, work, and in relationships. The faith class meets in room 219.

  • Crosstalk

    All Adults 

    CrossTalk, is a class with a mission of building up the body of Christ through Biblical teaching in a community of truth where spiritual growth can transform lives. This is accomplished in a format of open discussion where everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the learning process. The class promotes Biblical application in the areas of life where shared challenges are encountered at home, at work, in relationships, in families, and in society. Crosstalk meets in room 213.

  • Joy Class

    All Adults

    The Joy Class is built upon the purposes found in Ephesians 4:12-13 - to equip God's people to do His work and build up the church, to become mature and full grown in the Lord, and see this maturity reflected in daily lives. Join them for insights into God's Word through anointed Bible study each Sunday morning. The Joy Class meets in room 220.

  • ABC - Adult Bible Class

    All Adults

    The ABC class provides practical, Christ-centered, Biblically based instruction as well as ample opportunities for the student to engage in interesting and thought provoking discussions. This is not your traditional "Sunday School" class. So come expecting to be challenged. The Adult Bible Class meets in room 126.